Submarine Tours of The Lakes

Submarine Tours of The Lakes

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Please note this was an April Fool's joke from 2016 - it isnt a real cruise, just for fun!

Thanks for your interest in this exciting new submarine tour of the English Lake District.

We are delighted to announce the first ever submarine tours of the Lake District. We have joined forces with a subdivision of local submarine manufacturer to create Yeah Low Submarines and our first tour kicks off at lunchtime today!

The tours will make use of a previously undiscovered network of caves and tunnels deep beneath the Lake District National Park and will allow guests to take in the whole of Windermere PLUS Coniston Water and Ullswater without having to leave the vessel.

The first customers passing Ferry House on Windermere (all customers will be expected to wear orange life jackets)

The surprisingly spacious Trydent submarines have been refitted locally to add more comfortable seating and remove all non-essential items such as launch buttons etc. They’ve also added additional seating and a railing around the deck allowing us to serve afternoon tea to our guests when the vessel is above water. The periscope will remain in place, though there may be a small additional charge to use it.

The cafe will make use of the onboard nuclear reactor so hot meals will be ready within seconds and for those guests finding the 5 hour tour a little much we’ve converted the torpedo tubes into comfortable sleeping accommodation.


All of our staff have been fully trained to operate our new vessels safely. They undertook an intensive 5 day course which culminated in a written exam and a compulsory requirement to spot all the factual errors in The Hunt for Red October. For reasons of health and safety consideration is being given to asking a fully armed member of the SBS (Special Boat Squadron) to accompany each tour if they can get time off their normal duties. Please do not be alarmed.

Nigel Wilkinson, our Managing Director, says “This is a genuine world first and we hope that this attraction will encourage people from around the globe to visit the Lake District. We’ve all worked incredibly hard as a team to make this happen and I’m particularly pleased with the three yellow stripes I get to wear on my new uniform.”

The submarine will re-surface briefly at Bowness Pier 1 allowing customers to take in some air.

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  • We're sorry, but this cruise is now fully booked. Come back soon (try next 1 April) for some more exciting new cruises!

This cruise was brought to you in partnership with Cumbrian Rambler - thanks for all the text and the great ideas!


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