Ian Guest standing in fornt of MV Swift at Bowness Pier

Ian braves a Swift shave to raise money for cancer charity

Published: 4th August 2023
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An electrical technician with Windermere Lake Cruises is about to lose his beloved beard and hair as he tries to raise hundreds of pounds for a cancer charity.

Ian Guest will “Brave the Shave” on the outside deck of MV Swift in Bowness next Monday morning (Aug 7th) with the hope of raising over a thousand pounds for MacMillan Cancer Support.

Ian photographed with the Macmillan Cancer Support logo next to him

“My initial target was to raise five hundred pounds but I’ve said all along that if I double that figure I will shave my eyebrows off as well!” says Ian. “I’m now just a few pounds short of a thousand so I think they will definitely be going too!”

Ian decided to take up the MacMillan Cancer Support Brave the Shave Challenge after he had a benign tumour removed from his head a couple of years ago. “I just want to do something to highlight all the great work that MacMillan Cancer Support does,” he says. “All of us live with cancer one way or another. Either we have it or we have a loved one who has it. The work that MacMillan does is outstanding so losing my hair and beard is a small price to pay to raise funds for them.”

Ian, who’s from Bowness-on-Windermere, has worked with Windermere Lake Cruises for around 15 years so when he was looking for a location to Brave the Shave – the outside deck of the company’s newest vessel MV Swift seemed the perfect choice.

“All I had to do then was find a barber or someone to do the shave,” explains Ian: “It turns out that one of the skippers of MV Swift had some hair trimming experience when he served in the army so he is going to do it. I’m just hoping he doesn’t use a cutthroat razor!”

Ian Guest with a photograph of MV Swift at Bowness Pier.

“I’m slightly concerned my cat might not recognise me afterwards but we will have to deal with that when it happens!”

👉 Ian is still looking for sponsors and you can sponsor him online here 👈

“It would be great if people make a donation and I would like to thank all of those who have sponsored me so far,” says Ian. “The funds we raise will help MacMillan Cancer Support make such a huge difference to people who are living with cancer.”

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