Emily and Sam standing on the outer deck of MV Swift at Bowness Pier.

Love blossoms on Windermere for boatmasters Emily and Sam

Published: 2nd January 2024
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Boatmasters Emily Armstrong and Sam Badger are firm proof of the romantic power of England’s longest lake!

They have fallen in love and become engaged whilst working on the passenger vessels which take visitors from all over the world on scenic cruises across Windermere.

Now they are about to leave Windermere behind for four months as they head off on an amazing round the world trip.

A couple celebrate their wedding at Windermere

📷: Couple's travel from all over the world to visit romantic Windermere

But when they got engaged – the proposal wasn’t on a boat because it might have been too much like being at work for them!

Sam, however, made sure the beautiful waters of Windermere were the backdrop for his romantic gesture: “We took a walk up the hills overlooking Windermere and I popped the question. Happily - she said yes!”

Before they settle down in the Lake District they have decided to celebrate their future lifetime together by heading off on a four-month trip around the world. In early January they head to Thailand, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Then they’ll move on to Australia and eventually New Zealand before returning to Cumbria to continue their careers with Windermere Lake Cruises.

The love boat! MV Swift at Bowness Pier

📷: The love boat? MV Swift at Bowness Pier.

“We think it’s a good time to go and see the rest of the world, before we come home and look to buy a house and start a family,” says Sam.

“It will be a real adventure and we are looking forward to it very much,” says Emily. “We are in such a nice position because the company is holding our jobs open for us when we return. They have been so good about it.”

Emily (29) and Sam (27) actually first met when they were in the same toddler group in Kendal as youngsters.

They qualified as boatmasters in November 2020. Emily pilots Windermere Lake Cruises’ launches while Sam pilots the launches and also the company’s newest vessel MV Swift.

Emily and Sam on board

Emily says: “We look forward to returning to Windermere as it’s the place that helped our relationship develop. But, for now, we are just so excited to get our round the world trip underway. It will be a special time and will give us memories to last a lifetime.”

Emily and Sam aren’t alone in finding Windermere deeply romantic. Many couples celebrate their wedding day with a reception held whilst cruising amid the stunning Lakeland scenery surrounding England’s longest lake.

The company’s newest vessel MV Swift can accommodate wedding parties of up to 100 people. The traditional “steamers” MV Swan and MV Teal can hold parties of up to 220.The traditional launches accommodate smaller groups. Either way, memories created with an onboard celebration last a lifetime.

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