Open your Eyes to the Wildlife Wonders of Wintry Windermere!

Published: 12th May 2012

With more than two and a half thousand birds due to descend on the shores of England’s largest natural lake in the coming weeks, wintry Windermere’s unique scenery and atmosphere make it the perfect time of year to get out and discover some spectacular natural wonders in the English Lake District.

Although Windermere is home to well over a thousand ducks, geese and swans throughout the year, the winter months see many more birds flying in from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe - that’s more any other lake in the region.

Lake Windermere is also one of the top places in the country to see a variety of more unusual species including the goldeneye duck, tufted duck, red-breasted merganser and pochard.

Scheduled sailings on the lake provide a unique perspective of the lakeshore, while there are many safe, family-friendly walking trails and new cycle routes alongside Windermere’s more tranquil, western shore for amateur birdwatchers to get closer to nature. The ancient woodlands at Claife Heights are also home to red deer and one of the few places you might see a red squirrel.

Robert Beale is a skipper with Windermere Lake Cruises and a keen amateur photographer. He has spotted a lot of interesting wildlife on his journeys around the lake including cormorants, great-crested grebes and even rare long-tailed ducks, alongside notoriously shy wild otters.

Robert says, “Nothing beats spotting wintering birds and other wildlife in their natural habitat. It’s a great time of year for people of all ages to see more and learn more about our natural world, including the vital importance of knowing when to step back and not intrude, so these species can continue to thrive in the Lake District for many generations to come.”

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