The original plane 70 formation and then our spoof boat formation

Our tribute to the RAF Red Arrows Formation

Published: 2nd June 2022
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Our fitting tribute to the RAF London famous '70' flyover got a lot of people talking (and commenting and sharing).

What was a quick Photoshop job to simulate the '70' plane formation as part of The Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations turned out to be an Internet sensation. The image was seen by over 1 million people on Facebook & Instagram and was by far our most popular post ever on social media.

🎞️: The 'original' 70 plane formation by the RAF

As well as being seen by nearly 1 million people, the post on Facebook alone was liked and loved 29,000 times and shared 1300 times (to date)

Its clear that The Platinum Jubilee was a popular event for many and the stunning Lake District views (not-Photoshopped) captured the imagination and interetst of many

📷: Our spoof '70' formation with self-drive boats on Windermere

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