Windermere Lake Cruises welcomes Grasmere Gingerbread on board

Windermere Lake Cruises welcomes Grasmere Gingerbread on board

Published: 27th January 2016

Windermere Lake Cruises has welcomed one of the Lake District’s most iconic names – Grasmere Gingerbread – to its premises in Bowness.

Grasmere Gingerbread was invented in 1854 by Victorian cook Sarah Nelson and it has been sold exclusively from The Grasmere Gingerbread Shop ever since, but following last month’s floods, the shop has seen a downturn in business.

Now Windermere Lake Cruises has offered the retail space above its Information Centre on Bowness Promenade to give the company a helping hand. It comes in addition to a pop-up shop just opened by Grasmere Gingerbread outside the flagship Lakeland store in Windermere.

Joanne Hunter, third-generation owner of the historic Grasmere Gingerbread Shop, says, "A massive thank you to Windermere Lake Cruises! Their offer of temporary premises at Bowness came out of the blue and is a heart-warming gesture of support and solidarity from another much-loved and established Lakeland business.

She adds, "This will help us until the A591 road is repaired and open. It is a vital artery for Cumbria and the thousands of jobs that rely on tourists visiting the area. Storm Desmond was terrifying in its power but afterwards it also brought out the best in people. By working together we can make Cumbria stronger."

Jennifer Cormack, Sales Manager for Windermere Lake Cruises, says, “It’s been a challenging time for a number of businesses and we’re pleased to be lending our support to this iconic brand. We hope customers visiting Bowness may be tempted by the unmistakeable aroma of Grasmere Gingerbread, including our international passengers who are always on the lookout for traditional Lake District gifts. We’re delighted to welcome Grasmere Gingerbread on board!”

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