MV Swift (Coming Soon!)

MV Swift (Coming Soon!)

Windermere Lake Cruises has signed a contract to make a multi-million-pound investment in a brand-new 300-seat boat to add to its famous existing fleet.

MV 'Swift' is expected to be in service from the late 2020 season, making it the largest craft to be 'launched' onto Windermere for more than 80 years.

The new vessel has been designed to operate in all seasons, 364 days a year and will increase the quality of the visitors' experience thanks to 21st century quality, comfort and accessibility. Like Windermere Lake Cruises' existing flagship 'steamers' MV Swan and MV Teal, the new vessel will boast three decks but will be slightly shorter in length to enable it to access smaller jetties to help support other businesses in the area.

The first cutting of the steel took place on 9 April 2019, with construction expected to be complete in approximately 17 months.

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