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Yellow Cruise & Steam Train

Enjoy a half lake cruise with a nostalgic train journey.

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STARTING FROM HAVERTHWAITE STATION? - Just buy on the day from Haverthwaite ticket office.

Boat & Train tickets can only be redeemed at Bowness or Lakeside piers.

Bowness Pier ← ⛴ → Lakeside Pier/Station ← 🚂 → Haverthwaite Station

🕘 2 hours+ return / 70 minutes one way

  • This ticket includes a scenic boat service between Bowness and Lakeside and a trip on the Lakeside & Haverthwaite heritage railway.
  • Start from Lakeside Railway Station/Pier or Bowness Pier*. You can do the boat or train portion of your journey first. Your ticket allows you get off at each stop and choose to get a later departure back. See options.
  • Each boat service includes a fascinating commentary on the history, attractions and points of interest surrounding Windermere.

🚢 Boat travel will be on board a historic 'steamer' such as MV Swan, MV Teal or MV Tern (see timetable below).

*You can start from Haverthwaite Station, just purchase your tickets on the day from Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway - no online joint tickets

Map of the location of Haverthwaite Station and Bowness Pier (start or end points of this route)

A great day out whichever pier you start at

Start from Bowness Pier

  • Travel by boat from Bowness to Lakeside (40 mins), cross the platform (2 mins walk) and take the steam train from Lakeside to Haverthwaite Station (18 mins). Return by steam train from Haverthwaite to Lakeside and catch the boat back to Bowness.

Start from Haverthwaite Station

  • Please note you can't use this online ticket to start from Haverthwaite Station. To start from Haverthwaite, simply purchase your ticket from their ticket office on the day. Travel by steam train to Lakeside (18 mins) & cross the platform to catch your boat to Bowness (40 mins). Spend some time in Bowness, before re-tracing your steps via boat and then train to Haverthwaite.

Start from Lakeside Pier/Station

  • Boat first - Travel by boat from Lakeside Pier to Bowness (40 mins), explore Bowness and get a boat back to Lakeside Pier. Cross the platform (2 mins) to catch the steam train to Haverthwaite Station (18 mins).
  • Steam train first - Travel by steam train from Lakeside Station to Haverthwaite Station (18 mins) and then get a return steam train back to Lakeside Pier. Cross the platform at Lakeside (2 mins) to catch the boat from Lakeside to Bowness (40 mins). Explore Bowness and get a boat back to Lakeside Pier (40 mins).

Get off and explore each stop

Whatever boat/train combination you choose, simply pick a later departure on each leg when booking to spend more time at each stop.

This ticket includes a journey on a steam train and boat service between Bowness and Haverthwaite

On the boat

  • Choose between indoor, covered outdoor or fully outdoor seating when you board.
  • Each boat has a fully stocked bar and snack-bar serving light refreshments.

The steam train and boat are a 1 minutes walk from each other at Lakesde Pier

Standard Ticket Prices (valid from Saturday 23rd March 2024 until Sunday 3rd November 2024)

  • Prices below are return fares
  • Book your tickets by selecting a date in the 'Book Your Cruise' box below.
Adults Children Families

Additional Information

  • 🚲 Bikes can go on our 'steamer' services - sorry they can't go on the steam train
  • 🚫 Sorry, you can't start at Haverthwaite on this online ticket
  • 🚫 This e-ticket does not guarantee a seat on the steam train
  • 🐕 Well-behaved dogs travel free (please keep them close to you at all times)
A steamer and a steam train combined image colage

A steamer and a steam train combined image colage

Enjoy a stunning journey through the heart of The Lake District on board a historic 'steamer' and heritage railway.

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Book Your Cruise

Select a date to view prices and sailing times.

  • Child prices are valid for children aged 5-15 years. Children under 5 travel free.
  • Family tickets are valid for 2 adults and up to 3 children.


Trains wait for the boats, and boats wait for the trains at Lakeside Pier. It is only a 2 minute walk between the boat and steam train.

Train Departures

  • 🚂 From Haverthwaite: 09:50, 10:50, 12:00, 13:00, 14:15, 15:20.
  • 🚂 From Lakeside: 11:20, 12:30, 13:35, 14:50, 15:55.

Today's sailings from Lakeside

Depart LakesideArrive BownessVessel type

Today's sailings from Bowness

Depart BownessArrive LakesideVessel type

Additional Information

Service Status


Today's Service Status

🔴 RED CRUISE Bowness → W'Mere Jetty Museum →Brockhole → Ambleside Waterhead → Bowness

✔️ Services OK

🟡 YELLOW CRUISEBowness ↔ Lakeside

✔️ Services OK


Bowness → Bowness

✔️ Services OK
🚤 MOTOR BOAT HIRE from Bowness
Bowness Beach / Bowness Dock ↻

✔️ Services OK

🚤 MOTOR BOAT HIRE from WaterheadWaterhead (near Ambleside) ↻

✔️ Services OK

🟤 YELLOW CRUISE & STEAM TRAINHaverthwaite ↔ Lakeside ↔ Bowness

✔️ Services OK

🟢 GREEN CRUISEAmbleside → Wray Castle → Brockhole → Ambleside

✔️ Services OK

🚶 WALKERS TICKETBowness → Brockhole → Wray Castle → Walk → Ash Landing → Bowness✔️ Services OK
🚣 ROW BOAT HIRE from BownessBowness Beach / Bowness Dock ↻

✔️ Services OK

🚣 ROW BOAT HIRE from WaterheadWaterhead (near Ambleside) ↻

✔️ Services OK


Bowness ↔ Ash Landing✔️ Services OK
FELL FOOT FERRYLakeside ↔ Fell Foot✔️ Services OK

🕑: We are now running to our peak season timetable.

Route Map

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Access & Facilities

♿ Disabled Access

Three different types of vessels operate on this route with varying accessibility.

  • ♿ MV Swift - (marked with a green wheelchair icon on our timetables): our most accessible vessel - step-free access from pier to indoor/outdoor seating & accessible toilet
  • ♿ 'Steamers' MV Swan/Teal - (marked with black wheelchair icon on our timetables) - step-free access from pier to indoor/outdoor seating. Toilets down steep steps.
  • ❌ 'Steamer' Tern & modern launches like Miss Cumbria/Miss Lakeland - are not recommended for customers with limited mobility

Please visit our Accessibility section for more information.

Wheelchair users are strongly advised to call us to confirm which vessel is operating on which service, particularly in poor weather conditions. As on rare occasions, the vessels operating each route can change.

🧑‍🦽 Carer goes free policy

If a disabled adult in your group needs a carer, then the carer travels free. For more information about this scheme and to see all the terms and conditions, please read our company policy for disabled passengers.

☕ On-Board Facilities

  • MV Swift - ☕ 🍺🍷🥪Full bar with hot/cold drinks, draught beer/lager & sandwiches/snacks | 🚾Toilets including accessible toilet | 💺Indoor & outdoor seats
  • 'Steamers' Swan/Teal/Tern - ☕ 🍺🍷🥪 Full bar with hot/cold drinks, draught beer/lager & sandwiches/snacks | 🚾 Multiple toilets | 💺 Indoor & outdoor seats
  • Launches like Miss Cumbria/Miss Lakeland - 🍾 Bottle bar with hot/cold drinks/snacks | 🚾 Single toilets | 💺 Indoor & outdoor seats

🎫 Conditions of Carriage

Our services are provided in accordance with our Conditions of Carriage.

🚭 No Smoking Policy

For the safety and comfort of all passengers and crew, Windermere Lake Cruises Ltd operates a no smoking policy on-board its vessels, piers and shore premises. This includes electronic cigarettes.

🐶 Dogs

All well behaved dogs are welcome on board and travel for free.

🚲 Bikes

Bikes are welcome on board our larger vessels if space is available. Each bike will cost £1 per journey pier to pier payable on the day of travel.

Upgrade This Cruise

Did you know that you can make more of your cruise by upgrading it? Why not combine your cruise with a local attraction, or enjoy a full day on Windermere with the Freedom of the Lake.

Freedom Of The Lake & Steam Train

Freedom Of The Lake & Steam Train

Spend a day on our cruises & enjoy one return trip on the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway | ⚓ Unlimited boats + 🚂 Steam Train 🕑 24 hours

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